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  1. Why you are not talking about the fraud in ethereum foundation? Why nobody is calling now ETH a bankers coin, when we see that the whole token was backed by Goldman Sachs people. From Jay Clayton, Joseph Lubin to Gary Gensler.

  2. thanks for the concise and pragmatic TA with no hyperbole. High US $, low S&P, Infrastructure legislation = short term bear, long term bull trend. I sold everything a few days ago and your analysis helps! Hoping to buy back in soon, let's see what happens! Did your TA call the last dip?

  3. Hi Ben, I've been following you since the start of my crypto journey (around August last year), you were 1 of the biggest crypto youtuber and I've learnt quite a few things from your (much appreciated), I had even recommended my friends and family to follow you but over time they just gave up cause your content has gone downhill since then.
    I remembered the first time I realized this was when you post a video shit talk about Elon, not that I'm a fan of Elon or anything but it's just not the content you should be putting out on this crypto channel. And after that, lots of things you said just seem like guessing and throwing numbers around arrogantly thinking that it's gonna be right. Some other projects that you covered doesn't seem like you got that much understanding of the project either.
    I've tried to continue to follow you to see if the content is getting better but it looks like today it's my last day trying. This will be the last video I watched before unsubscribing. I do hope the best for you and your team that you guys can turn this around and make it a better channel for everyone. I will comeback and subscribe again if that happen.
    Farewell Bitboy crypto

  4. This guy… 🤦🏻‍♂️ a few weeks ago he said get out by October cause it was all coming down for the rest of 2021. He says whatever he needs to say to get views and likes. I’ll take George over at Crypto’s R Us any day of the week

  5. Is it weird that Ben wants his face to be the last thing you see before you go to bed and the first when you wake up and watch morning ta?? Insecure Boy vs MattyB

  6. Love the news and most of the insight this channel spoon feeds us, but the title of this video was a little too clickbait-y for me. Hasn't hit 50k yet. Hard to like a video I feel like I've been tricked into clicking on. Just an opinion, and I'm sure a minority opinion.

  7. Where the hell did BCHA pump 80%….what broken site do you use bitboy… I just saw bcha dump some percent aswell as Ecash dumping 5-7%…get a grip bitboy lol

  8. Here's my prediction: Everybody getting optimistic and bullish lately – Too many dummies will open Longs without Stop Losses and when they get Liquidated…. number go down… Again. Hope I'm wrong.

  9. This guy talks out of his butt! Nothing he says ever is right. And he made fun of guys that ride around in Lamborghini’s which I thought was funny but with in a month was riding one as well. Now he is who he truly is.

  10. Cen we talk about YouTuber manipulation? All these "Big" YouTube channel only talk about the Crypto they want you to invest in. To increase their pockets. Shib was up somewhere around 80% and not one mention?

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