$500k Bitcoin: The Fed will be 'abolished', BTC will be global reserve currency, gold will hit $5k

$500k Bitcoin: The Fed will be 'abolished', BTC will be global reserve currency, gold will hit $5k

The demise of the Fed is coming, and with the collapse of the current monetary system comes the adoption of Bitcoin as the new global reserve currency, said …


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  1. When it comes to the world of investing,most people don't know where to start.fortunately,great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance

  2. Lol guy makes a bearish call and all the moonboys come out of the woodwork to shit on him. He always speaks in probabilities and will PROBABLY be right eventually, even though he's said many times he's long term bullish on the "asset."

  3. Not one of the BTC "predictions" of this guy came even closer. Never. His "heads" and "shoulders" charts based trader logic is totally fake as far as BTC goes.

  4. He’s still waiting for that 20k pullback ?? Never came
    There’s only three options here:
    1) He was wrong
    2) He cheated all of us to pick more BTC
    3) He was paid by the elite

  5. Gareth looking good… that's a pimp shirt. The ETF is on the futures market… so you're not even investing in BTC. It's literally gambling which way the price is moving. They're running out of bagholders so here you go.

  6. This guy is an institutional pawn being promoted by kitco. He's been trying to convince retail to sell bitcoin and oil stocks to institutions by pumping fear in them. Who pays for that Rolex? He certainly didn't buy that shorting bitcoin himself or waiting for 20K. The guy suddenly came out of nowhere and shows up in different interviews. Shady

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  8. The fact that he is longing China🤪🤣, you only have to look at China export tonnage declaration and the port destination declaration to know China figures are manipulated (think Michael Berry looking at all mortgage contracts in the sub prime 2008 scandal) he’s view of China & Bitcoin is based on foundation of sand

  9. cryptos can`t be reserve currencies unless they get backed up by gold. bitcoin has zero chance to be in that position i am telling you right now. don`t even dream about it.

  10. You all are dreaming. The gangsters that control the fed will never let this happen. Bitcoin is a tool of the Federal Reserve. Be well either way.

  11. Considering the US has gone to war 20 times to prevent another currency from taking over I'm sceptical they will allow Bitcoin to take over

  12. good traders aren't right all of the time or even most of the time…. they allocate risk appropriately and never lose their shirt. all these commenters talking shit about Gareth made a coinbase account 2 months ago and have 0.1 bitcoin looooool 🤠🤡

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