Damwon Gaming Eliminate G2 from Worlds 2020 | ESPN Esports

Damwon Gaming Eliminate G2 from Worlds 2020 | ESPN Esports

Tyler Erzberger and Arda Ocal break down the Worlds 2020 Semifinals match between G2 Esports and Damwon Gaming. For more esports content, sign up for …


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  1. When talking about best teams of all time, not mentioning IG is just disrespect. Their the epitome of Lane Kingdom and set the embodiment of what aggressive League of Legends looks like right now.

  2. u compare caps coldchest with faker, come on when he has 3 worlds u can say hes the best midlaner and best team and when europe has 9 years winning worlds u can say they are better region u trashtalk faker in the pre game video how dare u he is the "ronaldinho" of league of legends he already is a champion and deserve respect if he still enjoy the game and show lol of quality u make fun of faker quiyana guess what caps akali was trolling camping in a bush to die

  3. I'm very surprised to hear Damwon called one of the best teams, sure I've watched every lck game in 7 years but for the love of God they haven't even won world yet.

  4. I guess the positive is that EU did manage to get 1 Team into Quarters and 1 into Semis. And People knew DWG was on another Level this Year. I don't think EU underperformed as a Region and neither did G2, Semis was expected from them but nothing more and they know that themselves I believe.

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