Samira OP – Challenger Version | TFT Gizmos & Gadgets | Teamfight Tactics

Samira OP - Challenger Version | TFT Gizmos & Gadgets | Teamfight Tactics

Yeah I know, 2 Samira videos in the same week..but this shows how strong she is and can be played in different ways. Last video was the standard reroll …


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  1. Yeah samira still seems good after the patch, I almost won a double up where I went imperial sion, and she felt fine with one item on the back line. Only thing that held me in second was being contested by two players and being the last one to hit sion 2

  2. I'ma Samira one-trick, have been since the first couple days of set 6, shes so fucking fun, everyone always picks weird items for her though

  3. I love Mort and watch his games every day. It's pretty much the first thing i watch when i sit at my computer each day. The biggest problem with this set is his 4-5 augment response. "It has to be this its so broken" or "oh GG" like it feels so bad that a augment is what decides that the game is yours to win. Each game is a huge gamble because if someone gets that amazing augment and you get something shitty whelp you can't win. I'd like to see the Augments scaled back a bit in power so that while helpful they aren't game deciding.

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