IGN Reviews – Resident Evil Revelations – Game Review (8.5/10)

IGN Reviews - Resident Evil Revelations - Game Review (8.5/10)

Editor Rich George gives the IGN review for Resident Evil Revelations. Capcom pushes the Nintendo 3DS to new heights, and is finally the killer title that truly …


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  1. Definitely the most fun Resident Evil game for me. My favorite is the first Resident Evil game both new and remade. Resident Evil 4 is my favorite actually lol 😆

  2. Bought this used from gamestop so it didn't come with revelations 2 since its a download. Only cost me 17 bucks but is it worth it considering I only got one of the two games? Opinions anyone?

  3. I played the demo on my original 2011 3ds and it didn't feel good control wise. But playing it on my 2ds the game feels great. It definitely needs the extra circle pad.

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