WARNING! Bitcoin Will Have BAD NEWS! Tomorrow It BEGINS!!

WARNING! Bitcoin Will Have BAD NEWS! Tomorrow It BEGINS!!

WARNING! Bitcoin could have some really BAD NEWS by tomorrow!! Why?? Well six of the top crypto CEOs are being called to testify before congress. They are …


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  2. A 1972 MIT study concluded demise of world civilization around year 2040 barring some crazy innovative technological discovery that would alter our economic system. That discovery is Bitcoin. Necessity is the mother of invention. Thank you Satoshi Nakamoto.

  3. It is THEATER — Brian Brooks worked with who??? Steve Mnuchin — where BANK ONE where they illegally foreclosed on thousands of Americans. Who as California Attorney General??? Kamala Harris (a democrat, Brooks and Mnuchin both Republicans worked for Trump) — and guess what Kamala did?? SHE STOPPED THE INVESTIGATION and let Bank One off the hook for criminal acts. YEP!! And guess who Mnuchin is an Alum of and where is Daddy worked?? Goldman Sachs. THIS IS THEATER!! WTF Chico — I thought you were smarter than this???

  4. How long does it take to learn and make money after you get going? I might to try it out in the Future maybe? Still kinda hesitant about it because i don't know all the ends and outs pros and cons.

  5. so funny watching you flip flop daily. Price ripping while watching your doom and gloom time lag video. Then few days later watching your bullish video while the price tanking.

  6. Jianlin Collin Collin Collin Collin Collin Collin Collin Collin Collin Collin Coll Whoop, thanks so much for mentioning anchor p! I'd love to see you do a film about art and NFTs, including where to acquire them and how to keep them. I'm looking at murals, canvia, and token frames right now, and I'm not sure where the best place to acquire art is. I need your assistance! Please accept my heartfelt gratitude in advance.

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