Electric Cars and SUV News Digest: 2023 EV Unveils & Future Plans

The most wonderful time of the year for electric cars magically coincided with the winter holidays. Countless EV releases have taken place and we are here to summarize the latest news. In short, the electric wave is already here! Fearing that it will wash them off from the face of the earth, the most reluctant automotive players are jumping on the EV raft and bring to the fore quite exciting trucks, crossovers, sedans and sports cars.

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List of all models that appeared on this #ATelectriccars video:

00:00 Introduction

00:44 Mercedes VISION EQXX

Mercedes VISION EQXX proves that EVs can be extremely efficient. The car consumes just 1 kWh for every 6 miles covered, squeezing a total of 620 miles from its 100kWh pack.

01:51 Tesla EV Powered by ONE

In 2022, Our Next Energy startup will is coming out to the market with a 79 kWh LFP battery good for 3000 recharge cycles and 287 Watt hour per liter density, but it’s their next project that is all the rage. The Gemini 001 is an experimental battery with different cells.

02:54 Sony VISION-S 02

Here we are today and the Japanese tech giant has launched Sony Mobility Inc, a separate branch that will develop electric cars. Obviously, the follow up model to the sedan will be a crossover SUV Sony Vision S 02 mounted on the same skateboard platform.

04:11 Chrysler Airflow Concept

Expected to debut in 2024, the Chrysler Airflow Concept looks rather close to production, sits on the company’s dedicated STLA Medium architecture and comes standard with one or 2 electric motors, producing 201 horsepower each.

05:06 Chevrolet Silverado Electric

Planned for production in spring 2023, the new generation Chevrolet Silverado Electric utilizes GM’s new Ultium platform that here promises around 400 miles of range and recharging at 350kW. At launch, the truck will be offered in the entry-level utility-focused WT and flagship RST First Edition versions.

06:19 NIO ET5

After launching a robust lineup of electric crossovers, Nio is now exploring the sedan segment. The ET5 is a mid-size model that has a fastback silhouette with a drag coefficient of 0.24 and measures 185 inches in length.

07:20 Audi S1 E-tron quattro Hoonitron

2022 Audi S1 E-tron quattro Hoonitron was developed specifically for Ken Block, a Hoonigan Racing Division rally driver and drift artist, who is famous for producing and starring a series of Gymkhana racing videos on YouTube.

08:17 Chevrolet Equinox EV

While everyone was eagerly anticipating the release of the Silverado Electric, no one was even aware that GM had another EV in the works. Our first glimpse of the Equinox-inspired model reveals an attractive compact crossover with futuristic styling, and of-course, an all-digital cockpit.

09:06 BMW iX M60+ BMW iX Flow E Ink

This is an abysmally expensive M-performance version of BMW’s piglet face SUV that also serves as the platform for the introduction of the Flow E Ink technology. In case of the iX M60, when the sport mode is activated the duo of electric motors generates 619 horsepower.

10:20 Cadillac InnerSpace

Cadillac InnerSpace is the latest member of the Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio that joins the Personal Space single seater and the Social Space MPV from the 2021 CES. The InnerSpace is a dramatic grand-tourer that measures almost 20 feet in length and offers self-driving capability.

11:23 Lexus RZ 450e

The status of the best-selling Lexus, guarantees the RX SUV the first-row seat for the electrification bonanza. Unlike the retrofitted UX 300e, the Lexus RZ 450e model won’t share its platform with any internal combustion siblings, instead it will acquire the eZ4X underpinnings.

12:16 Toyota 2030 EV Strategy

By 2030 Akio Toyoda has promised 30 battery electric vehicles across the Japanese conglomerate.


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