9 All-New MG Motor Car Models of 2021-2022: British Heritage with Low Prices

We can no longer ignore the fact that Chinese automakers are rapidly expanding their buyers base outside of the domestic market by offering competitive designs and better value for the money. One of such enterprises with a noticeable international reach is the MG brand currently owned by SAIC. They utilize the iconic 90 years legacy of sports cars to promote affordable family vehicles. In today’s episode we will briefly cover their latest models, listing the prices and important technical details.

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#1 2021 MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid

In 2021, MG’s European fleet is being expanded by the plug-in version of the HS compact crossover. Designed to look powerful and sporty, the 2021 MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid gets a prominent grille, cat-like DRLs with 9 LED units, aluminum skidplate, and decorative, LED taillights.

#2 2021 MG Marvel R Electric

Possibly the most attractive MG of the recent years, the Marvel R is the brand’s first all-electric C-Segment crossover. The model sits on a 2.8 meter wheelbase, that should offer plenty of space for 5 passengers.

#3 2021 MG Cyberster

Once known for its sportscars, MG is returning to its roots with the Cyberster concept vehicle, that is even considered for a production release. Created by MG’s Advanced Design Centre in London, the model draws inspiration from the original 1960s MGB Roadster.

#4 2021 MG Hector Plus

MG Hector Plus is a 7-seat version of the Hector SUV, offered on the Indian market. The model boasts refreshed exterior, 3 drivetrain options, a more technologically advanced cabin.

#5 2021 MG5 Electric

Though the all-electric MG 5 station wagon went on sale just last year, MG has already prepared a facelift for the car. It introduces more modern and streamlines styling, with thinner headlights, smaller grille, and revised bumpers.

#6 2021 MG ZS

This subcompact crossover is the best-selling MG model of today with a clear focus on the younger demographics of buyers. The latest facelift brings along new front fascia with LED headlights disconnected from the grille, that itself gets a revised design.

#7 2021 MG HS

Besides the plugin hybrid version of MG’s flagship crossover it can be ordered with more conservative 1.5 or 2.0L Turbocharged 4 cylinders with front wheel drive.

#8 2021 MG3

Only a handful of other compact hatchbacks can undermine the MG3 in terms of pricing. The model gets the latest stellar field grill, distinctive halogen projector headlights with LED DRLs and a sporty bumper.

#9 2021 MG ZS EV

If we were to exclude the miniature Dacia Spring, then the MG ZS EV easily steals the title of the most affordable electric crossover. Unfortunately, though, the affordable price isn’t without its downsides.


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  1. Got very excited when I saw the MG EXTENDER but MG did not make this an electric pickup, they stuck to the old diesel engine, shame. looks like I will have to wait for the all electric Rivian or Ford ranger. MG you really missed a trick here.

  2. MG NEED to sort its UK line up it’s a mishmash of different designs and old versions the HS facelift is out yet the UK doesn’t get it ? The 3 is major outdated the ZS is now looking old the 5SW looks dated already looks so 2009

  3. Buying an MG supports the Communist Party of China. People that care about their own economy buy products from people/companies/brands that are designed and/or developed and/or researched in their own country or ally country. The people that work for those local companies, in free democracies, then buy other products developed in their own country or ally country and that keeps their families and friends in work and making money. Stupid people buy direct from Chinese brands and send every single penny out of their country and destroy their own economy and eventually their entire free society because they are cretins and/or greedy and/or want things they can't afford, and rather than wait and save. They are happy to screw over their entire economy in the pursuit of self-gratification, selfishness, and ego. Buying CCP owned brands and products fuels Chinese R&D and weakens free economies. Your children and your children's children will suffer as a result of your choices. This is not hyperbole, it is fact.

  4. Ref the MG ZS EV, If anyone here stays in the tropics, where hot blazing sun is the norm, could you tell me, since the sun roof internal panel has multiple small holes, if you were to park your car without shelter for hours and the sun is burning, does the car interior get really, really hot? When I was looking over the car in a showroom, I looked up and through the holes I could see the spotlights in the ceiling.

  5. Poor MG.. It breaks my heart to see a brand that was famous for light sports coupes and convertibles manufacture SUVs.. what's next? Ferraris with diesel engines?!

  6. Another Chinese copycat car, before buying, think of the future EV supply and technology change. Chinese will not support it. better buy TATA product

  7. سيارة فاشلة وصيانة فاشلة جداََ ولا تتوفر قطع غيارها
    A failed car, very poor maintenance, and its spare parts are not available

  8. Why would you buy anything from China? The country that has screwed us all with COVID. I’m avoiding everything I can from there.

  9. We need to see the MG name on a low cost 2 seater convertible EV. The EV version of the original MX5.

    I had the ZS EV and changed it out for the MG5 to get the improved range. I may well swap it out for the Long Range MG5. Good cars at reasonable prices. It is rumoured that the Marvel will be £40k to £50k. If it is, I can’t see it selling very well.

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