Will Manchester United finish in the Premier League top 4? | ESPN FC Extra Time

Will Manchester United finish in the Premier League top 4? | ESPN FC Extra Time

Dan Thomas, Steve Nicol, Alejandro Moreno, Don Hutchison and Julien Laurens answer your questions on ESPN FC Extra Time.


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  1. United will be lucky to finish in top 6 next season, that is, if eth gets his act right straight away.

  2. I love watching the growth of this channel. In the beginning I would think I hope they don't get discourage with low views and now they get solid views and growing, sick.

  3. Before Last season…”will Man U win the league?” Now…”will Man U finish top 4?” Lol. No one has much fate in the Man U project.

  4. random note: i think you guys dont realize that gab is considefed the GOAT of football reporting on the planet…hes a legend in europe…hes the stephen A smith of football

  5. 7:00 mins, love it. Football is not the national game of England. Nor, is cricket.
    Rugby however is, unless changed it in the last 25 years.
    Most importantly, we invented them all. Not, the Congo or the USA.

  6. Laughing here, years ago lived in Scotland, great times. OK, Navy.
    Love the Scots, will support any country in any sport, who play England.
    So, did the same, great fun, the lads were great and gained humorous respect.
    Fun times.

  7. We never know, all these years the predictions were just useless, its all about how the team start the season and get points game by game. After united finished 2nd, Varane Sancho CR7 came in and I thought United fixed all the issues they had, thought they will compete for the titles. Spurs, Arsenal they all just not consistent enough yet, as anything could happen.

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