Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review: Best android phone?

Galaxy S7 Edge review: The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a phone that impresses the second you pick it up, evoking feelings similar to those we experienced the first time we fondled HTC’s One M8,…


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  1. i switched from an iPhone 6s to S7 edge.
    I was a hard core iPhone user.

    People now ask me.."can i hold your phone",say "it is beautiful".It has tons of features.

    only disadvantage i felt is the app quality is 19-20 if compared to iPhone & you also have to make sacrifice of true to eye image colours.

  2. Ive had Xperias ever since Z1..loved them (up to my current z5)…but then I found the new X..ISNT WATERPROOF!!! (nearly clicked buy on it too…phew…noticed just in time!)

    So an S7 Edge is what I just bought : D

    Cant wait to give it a whirl …hopefully tomorrow….

  3. I have the S7 Edge, and I wish I had gotten the HTC 10. The looks and feel of the 10 are better. I also hate that I have to use a bumper case on the S7 or else holding the phone makes me accidentally touch the screen at times (I have never used cases before, just pouch). Sense UI is the best I've tried, and even with a custom ROM to remove bloat, the TouchWiz still is slower than HTC's Sense. I am not sure how "inferior" the camera on the HTC is that could have made it lose to the S7 Edge, but as someon who doesn't care about cameras, I really should have gotten the 10.

  4. being the owner of s7 edge i gotta say from a personal experience that this is the most awesom smartphone i have ever owned and when i say thT i gotta mentiom i have used alot of them

  5. Good job on this one… I have the back s7 edge and what you've said here. It's exactly that. Phone its expensive but have the most exclusive tech ever.

  6. Good job on this one… I have the back s7 edge and what you've said here. It's exactly that. Phone its expensive but have the most exclusive tech ever.

  7. 3:58
    "…a ruler to show your friends how good you are at measuring.."
    Yeah go show your friends, enthusiastically whip out your ruler. If they don't look at you like you're crazy or stupid, you have good friends.

  8. what about cellular signal? i notice that smartphones gets really low signal here in Philippines. like in my area, basic phones have high signal while smartphone only get 1 or 2 signals.

  9. Great review Bravo I'm impressed with the overall quality, Edge screen, very Sleek design for its size and the detailed quick focus camera and U.I. I'm sold! ?

  10. Oops…..before that people bash Samsung for having bigger screen,Spen etc and now IRblaster, even called them as gimmick. Now they are crying for IR blaster lol! Make up your mind,people. This phone is the almost perfect being phone for now with very little flaws. and new update has brought to turn off always-on screen 🙂 but I like it to use it as I do not need to turn on the screen like the reviewer said, you even save more power.
    P.S- I am using Note 4 as a TV remote control now lol.

  11. I just got my S7 Edge and I feel like the power button is a bit looser than the volume buttons. Did you notice a difference? This is driving me crazy.

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