Capcom Fighting Collection Review

Capcom Fighting Collection Review

Check out our Capcom Fighting Collection Review to see if it’s a Sonic Boom of Sonic Bust! In this new fighting collection, ten …


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  1. Hardly a collection handful of games puzle fighter who wants up where is marvle versus capcom 2 that is their greatest accomplishment

  2. We dont need another version of 3S we've had 2 with online in the last 10 years. Im happy to see games like Pocket Fighters, Red Earth and Darkstalkers get love

  3. Why can't EA do this with the def jam series. They dont realize how much money they'd make remastering the game or making a collection of the two

  4. this game is to compliment the street fighter collection that just came out…all 3 version of SFIII were already in that…why did you mention it twice?

  5. To me, Puzzle Fighter is the seller for this collection. I've been a fan for this game for decades and having a possibility to play it on a ps5 and online is just great for me

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