A Tether Blowup Would Add to Crypto Meltdown: Ripple, Not Bitcoin, Is The Solution

A Tether Blowup Would Add to Crypto Meltdown: Ripple, Not Bitcoin, Is The Solution

“We are close to having some foundational regulation for the [crypto] space that haven’t had up until now,” claims Bradley Kimes, …


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  1. This is an embarrassingly bad interview from somebody that repeats what he's heard others say about stuff. His knowledge of Tether is shallow, and Bradley comes across as phony.

  2. new payment systems ? visa already works perfectly. we need a new financial systems that are fair not new payment systems for banks to shaft us

  3. Great show as always! My opinions are cold storage is not convienent or easy for the every day person. What is the sense of cold storage are they any safer than anything else if its not simple to understand? And can't they be hacked like any other custody medium. Is it not in some way ridiculous to state not your keys not your coin? Way to build confidence in the cryptocurrency industry! Not! Are we helping build confidence in blockchain and cryptocurrency or CBDC in people if you keep planting fear in new technology? Doing so how do we expect the market to grow. This cryptocurrency market requires simplicity and trust a transparency. One second told it so great and on the other side tell us it's not safe we can't protect it. What a crock! Every thing on block chain is transparent and traceable and tracked. If someone steals it, it can be recovered! Anything done digital is that way that's why money is being digitized in the first place. If I need to cold store my money or cryptocurrency to protect it, seem it's no safer then being in a mattress at home. At least a mattress you can get your money. You can't spend your money from cold storage. If Coinbase isn't safe, How are exchanges safe? if others aren't safe, is cold storage safe, and then what is any cryptocurrency value? It's ridiculous the narrative being put out. My opinion is if we really need cold storage we are already screwed. Again my opinion not an advisor do your own research. Lastly great Show Daniella and love Brad Too!

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