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  2. This Crypto shit is the biggest scam I’ve ever seen. I’m out. I’ve lost 30k being a bag holder of this garbage. No more. I finally woke up and saw the light.

  3. Please don’t listen to these people. George was one of the reason I almost didn’t sell last December cuz I thought the bull run would keep going. But lucky I didn’t get greedy and sold everything before the bull run was over. So please people whatever he says chances are the opposite is happening. Btc dropped from 30k to 20k in less then a week. It can drop from 22k to 14k just as easy, don’t get rekt

  4. So far, QUANT is the Only winner in my portfolio since buying it for the first time last week at $54. At first I wasnt even gonna buy it. But now im glad i did! Guys, get you some QNT now while its under $100! Good chance this bad boy can hit over $10,000 next bull run! Dont sleep on it!

  5. Hi George, the $377m loan from Voyager to Alameda Research is an asset on Voyager’s balance sheet true. However, the loan is collateralized by Alameda’s BTC which is a liability on Voyager’s balance sheet. Since they probably offset each other, that’s why we don’t see the $377m as a net asset for Voyager? Just a wild guess …

  6. You always mention FTX and Binance.. But look at Coinbase announcement planning to expand overseas. He may have laid off some workforce, but trimming the fat is an important part of a capitalist business plan.

  7. Mark and Mike Novag smart?? people who talk about Cardano badly, they kind of cursed!!!😎🥳

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