7 Reasons To Return To Pokemon with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

7 Reasons To Return To Pokemon with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

New open-world exploration, undiscovered creatures to capture, and fresh trainers to defeat! Here are 7 reasons why the release …


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  1. The environment like a lot of other things bothers me about the game. You can clearly see where more money was invested and saved at the same time. Its very sad..how Pokémon evolved and there is no love in it

  2. don't buy these mediocre games, so many issues to them
    just having more features doesn't mean much when it removes just as much
    let the game drop and make higher ups realize releasing incessantly is a terrible idea just to meet some schedule to anime which wasn't needed
    don't let the FOMO logic get u, skip it, not worth it

  3. Game would be acceptable in 2009, there is no such thing as " its big by pokemon standards" no, its mad tiny and looks horrible.
    Have you seen Elden Ring? Thats big, jampacked with content, runs very smooth and looks beautiful, for a quick comparison.
    By now, this is the fact..nintendo puts 10% effort into every game they make except Zelda main titles.
    They don't make new IPs cuz they would never pull a new fan base, they cling onto the same 5 franchises for 30 years harping on people's nostalgia strictly.
    When was the last time Nintendo brought out a new series and it was a huge hit? Generations ago.
    Both Xbox and Sony do that constantly, bring new heat…some bad..but the efforts are there.
    Nintendo is such a blatently greedy cashgrab gimmicky company its unreal the people that make believe they don't see it.

  4. So what if they would actually take time to make a proper game? Do not come with shitty new pokemon designs and just work with what they got already? The games have been lacking the past few years

  5. All the people in here whining haven't even played the game.

    Crying about minor performance issues, as if they don't patch games lol. Most people don't even come across any issues.

    Great seeing all the people who don't do something because a company like IGN tells them a game has bad performance.
    Thinking for yourself is too hard nowadays.

  6. Instead of a solid team of artists, software developers and ect. Sitting down and really trying to make a great game over the course of 4 to 6 years, a pokemon game with polish and an actually realized world that could stand the test of time for years to come until their next great release or dlc. They really are just shitting out the same 3D version of their games just like they have with their top downs.

  7. Motorcycles? Lmao nah, I’m still done with Pokémon. They just need to make games like the old ones, without the dumb new quirks.

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