Robert Rodriguez’s THE LIMIT: A Virtual Reality Film | Trailer w/ Michelle Rodriguez & Norman Reedus

Available Now at Enter a new world of storytelling in this blockbuster “immersive cinema” experience from …


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  1. I have a Samsung Gear for my Galaxy. Does it work in 3D? Or do i have to take the normal smartphone version from the google playstore without 3d?

    And if i can take the version from the occulus store, why is it not as cheap as all other versions (10€ compared to 4€ for the android or steam version)?

  2. This might be controversial… but constant first person perspective does not work for narrative story telling no matter the format. It's too distracting and disengaging, especially in VR… when your characters body is doing things separate to your own movement, the human brain doesn't like it. The best VR shots I've seen are still 3rd person. From a sitting position we are conditioned to understand normal camera movement and observing action. If its a game its different because you are driving the motion but in a VR film… it just fucks with your head. I did enjoy The Limit but I do long for a VR film that uses shots and movement like any other film. 180 is also best… as it allows the view to not miss the action.

  3. As a HUGE M-Rod fan from her role in Girlfight & Resident Evil, this is super exciting, but also depressing. VR has been my only access to experiencing the world outside my small town in bumfuck, Michigan, where I've been stuck with no vehicle in low-income housing, disabled since childhood. I will for sure splurge on buying this movie, but it would be so much more convincing if we could download the whole thing to hard drive after purchase, for those of us with crappy wifi, or none at all.
    I hope this will give me a much needed escape from reality for a while! It reminds me of the coma-dream I had where Michelle & I were part of a military style team in this dark hellscape where we were fighting to get out & my leg got blown off & she was dragging me through an abandoned building! Yeah, that was messed up! 😅🔥

  4. A sexy assassin kills dozens, a cyborg chases them, explosions, POV gunshots, glorification of more ultra-violence, sooo original with a huge budget no doubt. Immature game boys will cream in the tighty whities. I wonder where all the mass shooter get their idea to kill, kill, kill. Rodriquez and Tarentino are responsible for a whole generation of dumb and numbed to violence. Now that you've made your name and money isn't it time to create real stories about people's lives that may provide inspiration, a teachable moment or positive results?

  5. I bought a CV1 and EVGA 1080Ti a few months ago and have been downloading only free demos. This is the very first thing I ever paid money for.
    Its downloading now and I cant wait to experience this 20 min movie !!! Thank You Robert !!! Good luck with future endeavors

  6. people are comparing this to hardcore henry…While watching this trailer…. it reminds me of Need for Speed Underground 2005 one. That extra cheese and scripting. lol love it.

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