Where The F*CK Is The Gun Industry?!?!

Where The F*CK Is The Gun Industry?!?!

With the Government attacking the pistol brace manufacturers and up to 40 million items being declared illegal by the stroke of a …


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  1. The question truly is, WHERE THE FUCK IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY? Why aren't they putting extreme pressure on these traitors. This is the reason the red waive was the red trickle. Who is the biggest traitor. Democrats who attack our rights? Or is it the Republicans who won't defend our rights?

  2. The gun industry has seen a huge surge in sales and new gun ownership in the last few years. People who were never "gun people" have been becoming gun people, and that's especially true of liberals and leftists (but I encourage everyone to keep a concerned eye on the increase in gun ownership on the far left). The Democrats' agenda to destroy the Second Amendment and pass more gun-control laws is actually great for business. So that's where the gun industry is — making millions off of people's fears (not necessarily a bad thing!). Do you think that Glock is going to pull out of California and lose millions on Gen3 sales?

  3. Personally I don't need some company to build me a gun of any kind because when the S kits the F I will have many weapons supplied by my enemy after I stop the threat by other means. The conflict will just make me stronger than my enemy. That is what happens when the mfg. doesn't want to play fair to all parties involved. I will always prevail no matter the odds!!

  4. They probably have been told to shut up… Money talk … and power really talks… few well off people wish to become a target to the bandits up north.

  5. Could the gun industry be hoping for a gun grab, those guns being destroyed and then being forced to be replaced which would drive up sales? It is crazy that they are not on the front line with the gun advocate groups.

  6. gun industry and ammo companies can choke Law Enforcement. All they need to do is not support / sell to law enforcement. Starting with ATF, then FBI, and then the gun grabbing states like CA, NY, NJ etc.
    Gun stores can stop selling and supporting law enforement.
    I believe this will put a fire cracker on LE asses so that they put pressure on the ill thinking politicians.

  7. Absolutely, my friend!! Support those who support you! Where are all those gun industry leaders that are making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year? If this old retired guy can afford $25 per month to support those who support us, they should be good for $100 per month.

  8. They don`t give a sh!t, because they`re counting their millions out back.
    They are bankin up, until the industry folds, then they will retire fat an happy somewhere other than America. Ever heard of strip mining??? Kinda the same thing.

  9. Yep,they have made billions since Biden got in,you would think they would share some that cash to continue to support their rights, why are we the small people fighting for a business that's not helping itself as well….

  10. So we have to raise money to fight OUR government who has limitless rescources using the money they take from us to violate the very rights given to us by God himself. If our founding fathers would return now they would hang us for allowing this to happen.

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