Redfall Hands-On Preview

Redfall Hands-On Preview

Check out our hands-on Redfall preview. We spent 90 minutes with Arkane Austin’s upcoming vampiric FPS and the gloriously …


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  1. not tryna be a hater, not tryna be a Debbie downer…but it just looks like a whole bunch of nothing and boring gameplay no?

  2. Seeing people praise this makes me a bit mad about how much they just bullied rockstedy into almost cancelation kinda seems like the exact formula people were just complaining about but fps

  3. It's crazy to me how much of Destiny's DNA has made it into almost every new FPS game. Bungie has always been the leaders of FPS. Admittedly this looks fantastic.

  4. More like RedFAIL. Those RROD-bo☠ 360 graphics tho in 2023 😂😂😂 this is what you get when the Series 💩 is bottlenecking all multiplats and MS games this gen. Releasing a "current gen" system underperforming a ps4 pro was a huge mistake that will bite MS in the @$$ this whole gen

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