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  1. I don't expect this to be perfect, I bet it will be Gothic tier Eurojank, but it does have a passion project vibe going on with it, which I'm happy to support so they can polish it further in a sequel.

  2. Not knowing your position on a map is "realism" for realism's sake. In real life, when you travel abroad, you are constantly looking at your map. Unless there's been a change the map doesn't account for, you'll be fine. But in a game, this awareness you have in real life is simulated by the map showing your location. The character wouldn't get lost (there are other ways of getting lost in a game). So, not adding this to a game seems ridiculous, since the way I would be aware in real life doesn't apply to a video game. It's like every time I open my map in game, it simulates the experience of being lost.

  3. I don't mind when a game is tedious if the game is worth investing in…

    I hope this will be like Morrowind and Oblivion where you feel obliged to get invested into the whole experience.

  4. I really REALLY like their mindset and ideas, even if the execution is not perfect I'm gonna buy this game to support what they bring to the industry. I would love this kind of developers to have more money and time to execute their vision of gaming.

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