Drone's Camera Caught Something Incredible

Drone's Camera Caught Something Incredible

Skydiving on a motorcycle, a dinner at -57 degrees and a smartphone in zero gravity – these and other incredible videos are …


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  1. I'm really not sure why that cargo ship was facing the waves head-on instead of taking them at a 45-degree angle—it puts too much strain on the superstructure. But oh well! The clips are still very cool!

  2. The video of the creator in the ground was made by the British army in WW1 exploding underground bomb tunnel under Germany army above !!!!! It's somewhere in France !!!!

  3. That carcass of a submarine hull washed aground or beached on the estuary is haunting (5:15)
    What magnetic material are they unloading from the transport onto the barge? (9:22)
    Is that a natural formation or a comet impact crater? (12:04)
    Many intriguing clips in this collection… Thanks BT!

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