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  1. Absolutely hated this game at launch, it was literally unplayable. Ditched it, decided to wait if they fix it or not play ever again at all.
    Tried Cyberpunk now, they really did a 180. The artstyle and narrative are so great I don't care about ocassional bugs that still exist. Not sure if I would give it 10/10 as I've not finished the game yet but it's one of the best "comeback" stories in the gaming industry.

  2. It was this game that made me ditch consoles for PC after that absolute train wreck of a launch on PS4. But I’m so happy that they continued to work on it and finally realise the game we all knew it could be. Kudos to CDPR for not giving up, they earned some serious street cred with their efforts

  3. Gonna get this I think. I played it when it first dropped for a single playthrough and never went back, I liked it but didn’t grab me. This dlc + overhaul of some mechanics + ps5 upgrade means it’s gonna be so so much better. Well done CDPR for the redemption

  4. a 10/10… thats too much of an improvement. I can see how and why it was pushed to be much better, but a 10/10… realistically just dont see it happening. Something seems fishy 😒

  5. This is like diving headfirst into a neon-soaked dreamscape where every choice, every cyber-enhancement, and every moral dilemma counts! CD Projekt Red, you've created a digital masterpiece that's as haunting as it is enthralling. This review brilliantly captures the essence of this dystopian world, where freedom and technology collide in a symphony of chaos and possibility.

  6. They completely removed the Cyberpunk 1.x skill tree and crafting and replaced it with 2.0 . You can't completely change a game 3 years after launch. Now, you cannot play Cyberpunk 1.x anymore. Instead, they should have released version 2.0 as a whole new cyberpunk game.

  7. big props to cdpjr for not abandoning this game. i purchased it day 1 and always thought it was a half decent rpg. im so glad to see and hear that its finally living up to its expectations

  8. Slight Spoilers – Anyone know when this expansion takes place in the story?

    Anyone know exactly when this starts? Im hearing when you have to go look for Evelyn at the end of act 1 and alsoo hearing halfway through in act 3

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