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  1. My main hope for F1 next year, is TV direction finally gets their head on straight, and shows us the race beyond lap 2, instead of immediately throwing into replays and ruining the anticipation and excitement almost every race.

  2. I'm a Hamilton fan as well as a Mercedes fan, but I honestly think that Hamilton could very well do with a change of scenery, this year if you put it up to Hamilton standards has been atrocious for him. I honestly think a 2025 Charles/George Merc duo with the right car would be unstoppable, and Lewis in a Ferrari would be iconic, and could potentially give us a Lewis vs Seb type battle except this time its Lewis in the Ferrari. Still I would say a very dominant season for the boys at Red Bull, congrats to them, hopefully next season other teams start catching up and give us more exciting races for the future.

  3. Just gonna say it, Norris was at fault for the collision with Perez. Perez may have forced him wide but Norris should have been aware he was there and taken the outside line. Perez, was more than enough up on him to cleanly go on the inside

  4. Man I'm not Ferrari fan but when I heard that Ferrari's engineer desperately wanted to wait for SC I completely felt down, that's the mindset of low tier team.

  5. Guess we can put the case to rest that Checo is an average driver, nothing special. Gasly or Yuki with that same car would give Max a better fight.

  6. How Leclerc was doing the math of the Championship points without Ferrari's input is embarrassing, Ferrari's strategy is just sad at this point

  7. Lewis off the track gaining position, crashed into Gasly, Infringement in pit lane/pitstop….and it’s Checo who got the penalty 🤭😂 FIA once more defending Lewis….oh dear…just to get Mercedes that second place 🤦‍♂️

  8. Why did your editing team decided to cut half of Max's perfect victory 'donuts' celebration at the end of the race, where showed just how amazing his car control is by ending the donut in the P1 parking position? For some reason, this season, your editors representation of the actual action is very disappointing as it does not match the vocal internet time sheets / reporting .
    We suggest that your team be trained to make the race as exciting as possible, bearing in mind they are creating an historic record that all F1 fans expect to be an accurate account of how the race unfolded, including the podiums. Thank you.

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