Apple Adds RCS and OpenAI Explodes!

This week, Marques and David discuss the big news of the week including Apple agreeing to add RCS to its Messages app.


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  1. holy crap marques thank you for correcting the pronunciation of Azure. it drives me nuts because it's a real word, not just a made up name.. it's like if someone named their company idk.. Magenta, and everyone was pronouncing it with a hard G

  2. Marques’s reaction to the ChatGPT review of his F1 script was amazing. I’m going to feed some of my writing into ChatGPT and hope for a confidence boost 😂

  3. Marques: “I remember where I was, too. We were on the plane to Vegas, but also not on the plane because I just got my room key at the hotel, but also not in the lobby of the hotel because I just unpacked half my things opened up my laptop after getting to my room.”

  4. Encrypted in transit means that that the communication between client and server are encrypted but the server can see the content. E2E encryption would be that the servers get an encrypted payload that they can see and each intended client are the only parties able to decrypt

  5. 1:14:06 – the Formula1 regulations also play a role in how the cars look. There are specific rules about how big or small certain elements of the car can be. But generally, yes, they tend to look the same because that's what performs the best under the current regulations.

  6. Encrypted in transit means that when it’s on their servers it encrypted but not when it’s sent and not when it’s delivered…. So it basically means your messages are safe from prying eyes that get into their servers but not to man in the middle attacks that sit between you and the messaging servers

  7. If by encrypted in transit they mean they are going to rely on end users using their own security/keys etc like PGP then that is supremely lazy.
    Also Apple deliberately making their communication software proprietary is going to go over just about as well as them forcing their user base to skip the actual standard usb-c.

  8. I really don't understand the opsesion with the iMessage. Must be an N American thing. If you need me to use iMessage to text me, then please don't 😂 Besides if I needed end to end encryption I would use Signal or Element. iMessage is just a messaging app. Where I live we primarily use Viber so….

  9. Oh my, I missed all of that and just saw this episode 3 days later… I just realized I never followed MS and OpenAI on my current Twitter profile so missed all of this until watching this episode. Let me know when the Steve Jobs, I mean Sam and Satya documentary and movie is made.

  10. Here's why I think that one guy regrets his decision. Because now he sees that even if Sam Altman wasn't as adamant about AI being for the benefit of humanity as he was now open, AI is definitely going to be in worse hand than it was with Sam Altman at the top and them on the board.

  11. If anyone really believes the encryption works, they are a fool! Nothing connected to the internet has any form of privacy! If you truly want privacy and want governments out of your business along with scammers and hackers, then live off the grid and absolutely NO internet!!!

  12. Protecting Your Privacy with RCS
    This means that your messages will be encrypted as they leave your device and can only be decrypted by the intended recipient. Some messaging providers may claim to offer encryption, but it's important to verify that it's end-to-end encryption and not just encryption in transit.

  13. It's probably not included because end-to-end encryption is very controversial among government agencies because it actually prevents their ability to see what people do.

  14. One of the things surrounding the integration of RCS by Apple that I am curious about, and it was briefly touched on, was where does Apple draw the line on the features found within the iMessage app? I ran a BlueBubbles server to my S22 Ultra for around 1 year and while it was great for maintaining my large (and numerous) group chats with friends and family, it was certainly a hassle at times and there were things it just didn't work great on. I moved back to iPhone for the simplicity of some of those things.

    I got excited about the idea of RCS support on Apple devices so that I could go back and plague my friends with an improved green bubble experience but I wonder what the groups will look like. If they would support the adding/subtracting of participants and the naming of group chats, I'd go back in a heartbeat. Always interesting things to ponder until we find out the real news I guess lol

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