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  1. Yawn. "Cybertruck" (even the name is obsolete) is already another major Musk disaster.

    Now that it has finally and belatedly launched, we get to find out exactly how costly a disaster "Cybertruck" will turn out to be.

    And the emerging answer, obviously: "Cybertruck" is a very costly disaster that can only become much costlier.

    Very simple.

  2. If he is saying it the probably over 300 miles because he is often soooooo wrong (ie check out his first drive of ford lightning ha said it had 600 miles or something ridiculous)

  3. I have seen another youtubers say that if you take the 265 miles showing and divide it by the 9 bars appearing you get 30 miles per bar and there is still one bar left on the display so they figured it is 300 miles but not sure that is accurate. As for price when you adjust for inflation the base should be $60k. If it comes in lower expect Tesla to raise it when volume ramps up.

  4. As a tesla owner, I can tell you real life scenario does not give you what the stated miles will be. Its all depend on how fast you driving, turn on AC, and outside temperature. For me at 80mph/ Ac on will get me around 185-195 mile on 289 mile range..

  5. This isnโ€™t an accurate way of determining range. The software doesnโ€™t represent battery in a linear way. Apple does the same thing, your phone may say 100% battery but itโ€™s not, it just speeds up depletion rate as the battery drops. Plus we donโ€™t know if itโ€™s a preproduction model that isnโ€™t running latest software.

  6. OR! Your wrong when it comes to the bars, Tesla could like they did with the sound system go to level โ€œ11โ€. Just like Spinaltap, when everybody else is at 10, where do you go, nowhere. BUT here you can go one lounder: ELEVEN ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Ž

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