Unboxing the Ultimate Galaxy PC (from Origin PC)

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  1. tanks for a amazing video plus a therapy video. you smile and fell so good in this video. the pc remind me nasa but remind me more starwars. so with respect I will called it the Star Wars pc. Amazong pc. The monitor wow so awesome, I think in the past monitor pc led to flat tv. so this monitors will loead to bend tv so you straight and bend whenever you want

  2. I am good with my first all white full tower high end build. I have a 4090/ 7800x3d/ 64 gigs of ddr5 ram. My pc cost 4,200+ dollars which is a lot and I still have a few upgrades to do early next year

  3. Prebuilts are expensive…that being said I don't even wanna know the cost of this! THAT, being said I'm sitting here on a PC with a 4090 and a 4800X3D bought near release prices when they were NEW!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

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