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  1. Hey it might be your nerd equivalent but we are more tech savvy and can do your job just as well as being able to have better refoexes

  2. Sir please don’t do this. I listen to your Podcast on NBA. This was long time ago and I hope this view has changed by now coz I’m shocked to see these two videos.

  3. The problem with dorks who play esports is they never had a good bully in school to beat some sense into them….. I understand people like different things but when you have to invent a fake life to replace real life and can't admit you're a lame brain, there is a major issue

  4. What I don't like is the word "sports" to describe competitive gaming. I had no problem with MLG, even though I didn't see the appeal in watching, I at least understand why some people would watch. Playing video games is not a sport and pro gamers are not athletes. This is coming from an avid gamer too.

  5. Its not a sport.
    Sports are where you sweat and have physical activity.
    Esports are in a category of there own.
    I agree it shouldn't ve shown on Espn or any real sports channel.

  6. To everyone complaining, his ploy worked you watched the video. Also he has a good idea of what a sport is, gotta have a physical aspect to it that isn't how fast you can click a mouse.

  7. eSports isn't sports what so ever. It's an asinine group of dorky nerds playing weird, dorky fictional video games. I agree with Colin 100%

  8. What happened in the video was the equivalent of a basketball team making a bucket with 1 second left in the 4th quarter to gain the lead, and the opposing team drains it full court on their possession to win the game. The ignorance coming out of the dude is unreal…

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