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  1. Can they make a pie chart in excel? If not, they're not that good. We had to make it work and had to import html into excel to make it happen.

  2. people are organizing Excel Olympics, we are playing life Olympics every day in Turkey. Today, we are thankful that we were not shot, robbed, fucked, or beaten 😂😂

  3. Adamlar excel olimpiyatları düzenliyor, biz türkiye’de her gün yaşam olimpiyatı oynuyoruz. Bu gün de vurulmadık, gasp edilmedik, sikilmedik, dövülmedik diye şükrediyoruz 😂😂

  4. Using excel with copilot and build up an excel file using co pilot with microphone attachment to just scan domain to fill out for them change form then submit form data to change AD information.

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