Vivo Apex hands-on: The all screen concept smartphone

We got our hands on the Vivo Apex, the all screen concept smartphone with a clever design. It features an in screen fingerprint scanner that allows you to unlock the phone using the bottom…


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  1. It seems all 845 phones but samsung are delayed till around may or june in America.
    yea it seems the sony's are also delayed along with the asus zenphone 5z and other 845 phones.
    Oh well.

    one thing thats crazy is everyone is saying asus and lg copied the notch from the iphone when the iphone copied it from the android essential phone, it's funny how reviewers and youtubers always give apple credit for everything.

    The real reason for the notch or inclomplete bezel is to allow you to claim a higher diagonal space than if you complete the bezel, it is sort of deceptive and requires the manufactuer to put an * indicating actual screen size is less because the notch cuts into the display.

    For instance the iphone X is really a 5.5" 18.5/9 samsung display in most use cases, which is why it is smaller than the LG G6 5.7" 18/9 display and the 5.8 Samsung Galaxy 18.5/9 display, this is why asus and apple go 19.5+ with about .3" going for the notch screen area.

    I am guessing LG G7 is the same as they are listing over 3000 by 1600 or so for the resolution, but under the notch it would be regular quaD HD+ 18/9.

    Last year I was pushing for full screen display by putting the camera on a pop up or slide out compartment, essential and vivo will soon do this otherwise they could put a "small screen on the back" of the phone allowing the back cameras to do double duty as selfie and main camera, this will allow the from to be clear of everthing but screen also.

    This is the year of the all mscreen phone, pnly patent fights can stop it, cameras have had hidden lenses for decades so it is nothing new.

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