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  1. I was waiting for the OnePlus 12 hoping to get a flagship killer, but instead it looks like we'll get a waterlogged disaster. Many people who got their hands on the phone have found many gaps in the body that it looks like it was assembled by a toddler. The camera module is getting moisture inside. This is unacceptable for a premium device. OnePlus, you need to fix your quality control ASAP or you will lose your loyal customers. #OnePlus12Fail

  2. There isn't a decent option other than apple and Samsung in compact phone category, I'm hoping Xiaomi 14 will release it in under 50k that would definitely disturb the Indian market.

  3. Hi team, im planning to buy s23 ones price drops before launch of s24 series, will i miss out on a lot of AI features 8 gen3 is capable of, or would they be avaiable to older series with software updates as well

  4. What about older flagships regarding the price once the new flagships arrive?..can we see price drop lets say for s23 ultra?..can we see it below 95k as it's what selling during sales now

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