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  1. yeah that mobile gun safe… like no kid or burglar could just carry it off. Who lives in a place soooo bad that they need a pistol stashed in their lounge room?! Who has that many enemies? Weird…

  2. That gun box is what Ive always wanted. However, aliens will fuck it up, and as I lay dying, theyll make someone else have access to it. Neat!

  3. Salt is the result of people who haven't got a clue about self defense trying to contribute.
    I hope nobody falls for it. Assholes like those two get people killed

  4. salt is the dumbest thing ever and isnt even anything new, its a fancy take on a paintball gun loaded with pepper ball rounds. in addition, yeah lol if someone's busting into my house they're taking the room temp challenge.

  5. The inventors of salt look like a couple of beta Male cuck’s I mean who cares if you shoot and kill someone braking into your house plus if you kill the scumbag it will stop anyone else in the future been burgled by the scummy cunt. You burgle houses expect not to make it home alive if anyone’s braking into my house I’d be going for a headshot or a triple tap to the torso.

  6. AMERICANS. i get that the Ø is cool and all,,
    but fucking stop it its a letter and it don´t have a O sound,
    when you name things don´t use a letter that exists and give it a new sound,
    that also goes for mønster energy drinks winch means ( pattern ) and not monster.
    you want to bee cool and creative. CREATE don´t steal.

  7. Zore might be good if they actually delivered, I’m an original Indiegogo backer – backed the Watrchdog, hardly heard from them again, any reply i did receive made no sense. Here we are a couple of years later and still no product, even thought they are still on the go….great idea, just not a reality (except for one calibre I believe)…….

  8. Nice editing!!, -not lowering the audio of the countdown-cut-scenes between trailers. Makes a nice jolt to headphone users so they don't miss it. Thanks 😉

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