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  1. If anyone is saying fake review or whatever because they thing GT sport is better then they are wrong. The total amount of tracks and cars in GT sport compared for FM7 by its self sort of shows that forza is better

  2. Dont suppose anyone else has noticed that almost every single car on the entire game needs to install for a couple of seconds before you can even view them?
    How about the 16 hours it takes to "install content" all of a sudden in the middle of an early championship, huge loading times.
    I've never known a game of this generation like it, why even sell a disk?

  3. A summary of FM7 from an actual player and long life Forza fan:

    Firstly I'd like to address microtransactions. It's not like how everybody says it is. In fact it's barely in the game as all loot boxes are affordable with in game credits. It's not like EA microtransactions.

    Next, it's an unpolished game. It doesn't feel solid and you sometimes come across bugs. Turn10 were under high pressure in producing this game.

    Admittedly, FM7 was a disappointment. Outta 10 I'd give it a 6.

  4. I've had one gripe with Forza Motorsport games that was not fixed with 7: The environments still look TERRIBLE! Sure the cars look amazing, but once you look out at the track you see literal 2D cardboard cutout trees, muddy textures and minimum detail. PLEASE improve on this with 8.

  5. The wheel/hands animations in cockpit view are so bad and laggy that it boggles my mind, as a Forza player. Why don't they improve that? The movements seem even more gimped than in Forza 6, I really hate it. Project Cars 2 and GT Sport have that crap figured out and though it may appear to be a small thing, it's not. It helps a lot with immersion. Forza, it's time to stop!!!

  6. It's an okay game but something feels off. It lacks that feeling of being on road… I went back to play Forza 6 and that is far better as a racer. It feels better. Getting in and out of races is much easier and faster. The racing is more fun.

  7. Should have mentioned that Toyota was not a part of the game…. but otherwise.. ok review.. too short really but its IGN.. Quantity over Quality.

  8. To the lootbox complainers… I do understand, but the boxes are not real world monetized and there is nothing there you need to have. Mods will help your collection of in game currency and driver uniforms are there if you want to buy them. Nothing there you need to have and no real money to be spent. If you are going to have loot boxes. This is the way they should be implemented. My biggest problem with this game is that it obviously caters to online racing which from all accounts I have seen isn't the best. Crash fests. The single player is ok but more choice would be greatly appreciated. The breakdown of about 60 different divisions of cars is also a pain. I wanna race times against my buddy but unless you coordinate with him you have no way of knowing what cars he has raced on what tracks.. They need to go back to Forza 4 to see how they did that right.. Forza 8 needs to take the best elements of the previous titles and make a fantastic experience for all..

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