4 Unique Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed…

These unique gadgets may surprise you… The one featured in the thumbnail is not what I expected at all. They are all kind of cool but which of these gadgets do you think is coolest? Product…


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  1. That "drowse buster" shouldn't be advertised, fuck it shouldn't even be legal.
    Can you imagine trying to drive a car whilst receiving tiny electrical shocks to the ears/head, especially when you're already about to fall asleep.
    Go take some modafinil or amphetamine (even if amphetamine is illegal without prescription therapeutic doses will still be safer than that quack machine), that will keep you alert and able to drive slightly longer if you absolutely have to; though the best thing to do is pull over and sleep.

    I give it a couple of years before that device is banned by the FDA and EU regulations due to dead driver's with that attached to their seatbelt.

    I mean shit, I know you advertise useless things on your channel. You don't unbox, you advertise; if you really unboxed stuff you would at least have the see through stereo closely micced rather than putting audio over it when it's supposed to be playing.
    As for bass reflex ports on a music player with such tiny driver's, it'll be there for looks and nothing else; the big manufacturers (Yamaha, KEF etc) opt for a sealed design on small devices as it sounds much clearer.

  2. So, does the ear thing work because it's stimulating your acupuncture whatsit, or is it maybe just that it's hard to sleep while your ears are being electrocuted?

  3. What he didnt say about the last one, the tape. Its main feature is that if its clean and stretched out, it will adhere to itself permanently. It doesnt stick to other things well unless streched and wraped around itself. A little goes a long way and I've been told that some of it is very heat resistant and good for military aircraft. Good for wrapping cables together.

  4. That gadget with connections to the ears remind me Russian cops torturing device, but cops don't bother themselves with devices from China they use just car accumulator and two wires.

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