ESPN Esports League of Legends Power Rankings through Feb. 26 | Esports | ESPN

Fnatic and SKT both rise up as Victoria Arlen and Tyler Erzberger break down the top League of Legends teams in the world. ✓ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube:…


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  1. Guys in the comments trynna signal their masculinity by making fun of supposed virgins making a living off of this, in the meantime theyre playing 2k nonstop at home themselves instead of playing real ball. ESPN invested in covering esports, its popular globally, get over it already.

  2. People make fun of these guys for playing professional at a game but I bet they make more money than them which is a sad you should feel a shame

  3. These players getting paid minimum 300k per year and swim in pussy especially in China & Korea and people calling them loosers and virgins. Boy do I love youtube comment section

  4. I decided accidentally to google the host's name after watching this video and im blown away with her story !
    Keep doin you Victoria !

  5. As both a LoL fan and a huge NBA fan (go rockets) I gotta say it's nice to see some mainstream coverage of this kinda stuff

  6. To all the negative people who only want to insult esports, why are you here?

    If this doesn't interest you, then leave? You are all showing how immature you are. And frankly, nobody honestly cares how much you dislike esports.

    It's here to stay. And is already more popular than traditional sports.

    It's not a competition. We can have traditional sports and esports. I for one enjoy the hell out of both of them.

    If you don't like esports then leave. Your negativity does literally nothing to fans, except make us look down upon you.

  7. People complain about esports because they think it will make them sound so cool and athletic when all u fkers be playin video games in rl

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