Best smartphone concepts: 5 that should be real

Aren’t concept phones great? They present sci-fi visions of what phones might look like in the future, or just ideas that are too weird or pricey to currently catch on. What’s not so great…


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  1. Cool video. Out of all of the forms discussed here I would most like to see a working modular device. The idea is very appealing. I can't help but suspect that any viable device of this type would be killed by one or all of the big phone manufacturers. A truly future-proof device doesn't spell huge profits for Apple or Samsung.

  2. I forget what exact brand iit was and what CH it ws, possibly IGN, I believe at CES they showed a neat device running Android that not only projects, but similar to those keyboards you could project onto a tabletop, and use Android in the same form toucing the projection area rather than on a phone.

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