Top 10 New Luxury Electric Cars You Must See in 2017

Since non-gasoline powered cars are bound to take over the automotive market, these vehicles are being produced for all segments of consumers.

Even though the luxury target audience is very narrow, you will be impressed how many brands are already offering super expensive electric cars to the buyers. Interested to know what EVs the very rich are driving? we will show you! Enjoy the ride!

Luxury cars reviewed in this video:


Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 –

DS E-Tense –

Varsovia Concept –

LeEco LeSee Pro –

Jaguar I-Pace –

GLM G4 –

Audi Q8 Concept –

Nio Eve –

Citroёn Cxperience –


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  1. I think it is time that all car manufacturer ditch the hybrid type model. Cars should be all electric with a range equivalent to what used to be with a petrol engine, around 500 to 1000 miles on one charge. Also, they should start thinking about some type of photovoltaic paint that allows the battery to get some (if not all) charge needed and keep the air con running when parked under the Sun while going shopping. Also providing a special foldable additional solar panel(s) that could be used to recharge 25% of the range in one hour would be great. At least the driver could reach a near outlet to finish charging.
    We are not there yet and I would definitely not go for the Audi Q8! Battery range of 37 miles??? My electric bike does better than that! Audi should be ashamed of such poor electric performance and this car should not be in this review.
    There is still a lot of work to do for the car companies but they are on track 🙂 It is time our planet says no to petrol engines altogether.

  2. Automotive enthusiasm & motorsport dies with E.V.'s case & point nobody watches Formula E not even Tesla fanatics. I'll take an I.C.E. fueled by liquid hydrogen over E.V.'s

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