Top 10 Crazy Supercars You Won’t Believe are Electric

After the impressive success story of Tesla cars, more and more automotive experts claim that the future of auto manufacturing is electric.

Teslas are, in fact, blisteringly fast and electric vehicles have quite a few advantages over internal combustion engines – let’s just remind that instant torque everybody is talking about.

But can electric cars can properly compete with the aggressively-sounding supercars we all have grown to like? Well, electric cars are quiet but there are at least 10 vehicles that can make you fall in love with the extreme performance all electric supercars have. Let’s take a closer look.

Electric cars featured in this video:

Rimac Concept_S:
Quant FE:
Nio EP9:
Faraday Future FFZero1:
Toroidion 1MW:
Vanda Electrics Dendrobium:
Lucid Air:
Renault Trezor:
Pininfarina H2 Speed:
Porsche Mission-E Concept:


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  1. All these manufacturer are going to fail because they boast too much specs that's unrealistic the only two company that's going to succeed is Porsche and Renault

  2. Please learn how to pronounce Porsche properly! You should barely be pronouncing the final e. It's a /ə/ (schwa), which means it's unstressed, unaccented. In the US it's even correct to leave it totally silent. But the way you pronounce the word it's barely recognizable.

  3. All except the Renault look good to me, if that hideous red glass was compulsory then all the beauty that driving can bring would be wiped out and you have to raise the entire roof to get in the damn thing! A question of design over-ruling common sense and likely safety too, back to the drawing board I say and try again. Quite something too coming from a company with resources many of the others here would struggle to have at their disposal!

  4. Bye bye expensive gasoline! even super cars are electric these days))) Call me a junkie but I will miss the smell of gas, though.

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