Big Money + Big Traders Coming To Crypto – George Soros, Coinbase, Strategies To Fight Back – Ep178

The stakes are increasing as we get closer to a price climax. Keeping a close eye on what’s happening as we plan our next moves!


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  1. Soros is no good. He will somehow turn this market on its head, destroy it and make a ton of money. Just as he did with the Bank of England.

  2. HFT creates liquid markets. Also Soros doesn't do HFT he bets big and then creates the story to make it go up then gets out before his lie is exposed.

  3. My opinion—short term Bullish—Long-term Bearish! Why—Soros is known for destroying stuff, not building stuff. Think Bank of England!

  4. It's VERY OBVIOUS what is going on: George Soros is the word's top expert in currency crashing, and now it's official.

  5. Soros was not born in Austria. He was born in Budapest, Hungary. Some think he was really born in Transylvania and moonlights as Count Dracula.

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