Honor 7X Review

We review the Honor 7X, priced at £269 for a smartphone with a 18:9 display, premium design and a dual-camera set-up around the back it screams value. Also packing 64GB storage and microSD…


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  1. How is the vibration strength on this device? I keep missing notifications while on 'Silent' with other phones, and need a phone with a strong vibrate… Is this a good option?

  2. What do you mean it doesn't feel as premium as flagship phones?? I've got this handset and I can tell you it feels more premium than many more expensive handsets. You talk rubbish

  3. For that price point it looks very impressive. There are actually a lot of other bezel-less mid-range phones though.

  4. Did they ever improve their lockscreen? Does it still only show new notifications only that disappear after viewing them and does it still not play well with 3rd audio app widgets?

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