Phone of the Year: TechRadar Review 2013

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  1. Why is it that he has to be very reserved when the guy picked the iPhone 5S? It's like trying to be very politically correct and then mentions other flagship phones. At the end of the video, it seems like they just mentioned some flagship phones in contention with the iPhone 5C added for humour. I've seen this in the Oscars before, the uncreative title of this vid should be "And the nominees for best phone 2013 are…"

  2. iPhone 5s is garbage to me. They stole the fingerprint scanner from the htc one max. iOS 7 is apples stolen version of androids os… They are a company the steals ideas… Just crap.

  3. HTC one, LG G2, and the LG Nexus 5 in that order. Then the iPhone. The Galaxy S4 wasn't enough for me. I use the GS3 currently if anyone is wondering.

  4. iPhone 5C is a joke. A cheaper iPhone? It's about the same as the 5. Why pay the same for a plastic colored phone that works the same as the 5? It's colorful but that cheap plastic is gonna make wanna put a case on. With the case on, what's the point of the colors? Apple sure knows how to market and lure idiots like the girl in this videos.

  5. I noticed although the One is not number one in every list, it's always in the top 5, sometimes pushing the Galaxy S4 off in some. (though the S4 is still a pretty good phone.)

  6. iPhone 5s is the Best.!! coz u can use it whenever there are new phones coz u can easily get the software update fast unlike other os's that u can't anymore update ur phone..!

  7. i don't like the htc one, poor battery life, not a good camera imo, and the biggest problem for me is the on and off button on the upside, i don't like it
    i have the galaxy s4, i can't say it's the best phone but i would rank it on nr 3

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