Top 10 Surprisingly Good Cars Made in China (Review of 2017 Electric Vehicles)

Let’s face it, over the years Chinese car manufacturers weren’t associated with unique design, cutting-edge technologies and perfect build quality.

However, these days seem to be long gone, especially on the all-electric sports cars market. We invite you take a look at the EVs that might soon be racing on the streets, but you never would have thought to be made in China. Enjoy the ride!

Cars featured and reviewed in this top 10 video:

Arcfox 7:

Techrules TREV:

Techrules Ren:

LeEco LeSee Pro:

Qiantu K50:

Thunder Power EV:

Nio EVE:

Nio EP9:

Zhiche Auto Singulato:

Windbooster Titan Electric Supercar:


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  1. mad Europeans and Americans want to accelerate 0-60 MPH in less than 0.1 sec and die. Mad fellows. Asians use it for day to day requirement and hence they don't need mad spec vehicles

  2. still to this day, chinese have not figured out how many people are in china and how many cars are actually on the road. Therefore, facing traffic is a serious problem. Electric or cardboard made cars dont solve any traffic jams………….these fuckers better all die so no one needs cars. Im sure Communist China agrees that there are too many mentally deranged chinese in china and wants china to have far less assholes around. 1 child policy failed so would the high speed railways and obviously, the next electric cars which they ve once again ripped off technologies from abroad and lying that its all Chinese……..let the psychopaths make things and be proud of it like a down syndrome raising its hands in the air and going………. " YEAHH!!!!"

  3. Singulato had better put their A-Pillar on a diet. You have about 10 deg of Blind-Spot at both 10:30, and 2:30 clock angles. I don't think any self respecting Safety Organization would pass that. Big fail.

  4. The first one looks great but just the fact that it's able to run on diesel… just ruins it, I love the way it looks though. The Ren looks cool, reminds me of the Sterling Moss Mercedes from about 2013 and the K50 looks like a nicer looking Veyron. EP9 is cool. The EVE reminds me of the self driving cars from Demolition Man. The Titan looks wicked and the Acrfox-7 looks like the best of modern day cars and 80's cars had a baby, cool as fuck. I like the roof of the LeSee, very appropriate name "Let's See" hahaa.

    The designers of most of these need to come up with catchy names because right now they sound like coffee machines =P

  5. Gosh so much Rubish , Chinese = no innovation, no creativity, no reliability, no credibility, no safety, no responsibility, jus COPY. question: why TOYOTA world famous but doesn’t has as many like the Chinese?, BECAUSE THEY DONT MAKE RUBISH CHEAP JUNK THAT WILL KILL KIDS AND FAMILIES like the Chinese.

  6. 1dollar or a million dollars…..I hate China and chinese so I would never buy it ! China is shit country ! it is embarassing to drive a chinese car or even wear chinese clothings or eat chinese foods, China is the worst country in the world and the world knows it by now by media and SNS! never trust chinese and never buy chinese and most of all ! never goto China ! those fuckers are SATANISTS !

  7. Great job China! You just keep working on improving and innovating. Hyundai and Honda very similar in many ways, they sound almost the same, their logos look very similar as well. I was mistaking Hyundai from Honda a lot, and sometimes Hyundai from Toyota also. Not to mention so many other cars look very similar to one another. If their country men did not invent car, they too are copycat, is that simple.

  8. I have watched a couple of your videos now and liked them very much. You now have a new subscriber who is only to happy to be onboard. Please keep up the great work as I am keen to see what else you can teach me.

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