Top 14 Best VR Games That Will Change Gaming Forever!

These are the top 14 best VR games you need to try if you own a VR. Seriously these VR games will change the way you play video games forever. —————————— How to get up…


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  1. 5:34 People don't fully appreciate how frightening horror games can be in VR. Its nothing like a movie or playing on a 2D regular screen in front of you, because you see your environment is not that of the movie/game and so feel safe. The immersion of VR, especially if you have good noise isolating headphones to go with it… woo boy!

  2. I'm done with sit down and stare games. It's over for me now. Oculsus is so much of a rush. I dreamed of owning one for so long. We have arrived !

  3. Lone Echo absolutely blew my mind. While it's certainly mediocre on a normal screen, the setting and gameplay is just perfect for VR. I felt completely immersed and really hope there's a sequel somewhere in the future

  4. I cant wait for actual real vr. Not "Vr" where you strap a screen infront of your face. Even though this kind of VR is still really great.

  5. I’ll buy be when something like the oasis comes out. For people who don’t know what I’m talking about, watch or read ready player one.

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