RICK FOX says Pro Gamers Are Athletes on ‘The View’

Professional athlete and 3 time NBA world champion Rick Fox publicly legitimizes gamers everywhere on national television show called “The View” by stating that he absolutely considers pro…


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  1. The disrespect from the Generation X is just sad. They refuse to accept that this platform will eventually become bigger than any physical sport you watch today. Nobody watches baseball anymore, young kids are getting injured in football like crazy and if basketball keeps supressing the players like they have the past few years, then it'll become less popular as well. eSports isn't coming, it's already here, deal with it. So either get on board or be left behind, that's how I see it. Old geezers just don't like change and they don't want to change their stuck up views on what should and should not be.

  2. Mr. Fox i love you! you are a guy that is far beyond his generation. you understand what youg people like and why. its a shame that people that never understand the whole esports are ranting about it.

  3. Guys I quote from someone else on the internet this
    When your parents see you watching a gaming video they call it dumb and you should go outside but isn't that basically what they do when they just watch Soccer matches etc?

  4. what bothers me even more then them being so dumb about it is the fact that they just WON'T LET HIM TALK they keep interrupting him all at once, get some manners guys that is so unprofessional

  5. if you dont sweat i dont consider it a sport…

    what about


    i could name more but you get what im saying

    and they also said you aren’t an intellectual if you are a pro gamer, say that to extremely clutch or smart in game leaders in counterstrike. They aren’t dim witted in the slightest.

  6. i belive that the prejudice against E-sports will never fade away, just like people who thinks that books are intrinsicly a higer form of story telling, however it's suffice to say that it is the opinion of people that are ignorant on video games and sports, so in the and it's not like their opinion matter.

  7. here sits an actual “professional athlete” acknowledging it as an actual sport and these people that seem like they play Golf With Friends at most judging what a real “sport” is

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