Surprise Splinter Cell & Ghost Recon Crossover – IGN Daily Fix

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John Krasinski talks The Office reboot possibilities, PUBG has a cool event this weekend and Sam Fisher makes a surprise appearance! John Krasinski Talks Office Reboot…


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  1. We're pretty excited for the possibility of a new Splinter Cell after this — what other Tom Clancy crossovers would be cool? – Producer Dan

  2. Wildlands already has the Blacklist outfit… I wonder if the event is something like the predator mission, but with you hunting evil Sam Fisher

  3. Boy you’re pretty disrespectful towards a very beloved franchise. You’ve got a face for radio anyway. How did you get this gig ?You look 60 your damn self.

  4. A new splinter cell game has practically been announced by Microsoft
    They purchased the marketing rights for a few games, splinter cell was one of em. 2018 is gonna be a great year

  5. Okay, so I miss Naomi in a pervy kinda way, but Brian Altano is just the best… I wish he could always host the fix… LEGEND. Oh, and I’ve wet my pants a little over the Splinter Cell news.

  6. Man all I know is if they do a new Splinter Cell it had better not be the Ubisoft formula I swear if I'm running around taking down Outpost I'm going to be so pissed just get the team that did Blacklist and let them make a sequel because that is hands down one of the best stealth Action game ever made. Fight me!

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