Is The LG V30 The Most Underrated Smartphone?

Thanks to Ford – LG V30 (USA Link) – LG V30 (International) – The LG V30 has a fancy new color. This one here is called Raspberry…


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  1. Buy this phone and you will NEVER see another update in your life, $800+, no updates, no OIS, bad pOLED color uniformity, shitty front facing camera, disappointing overhyped DAC feature. Smh

  2. No updates no sale Google pixel all day. I bought an LG G6 STILL ON 7.0 will never never buy an LG flagship EVER again 600 for a phone and NO updates. LG IS b.s

  3. Hey! You got an Korean version of LG V30!(Model No. LGM-V300S)(Now LG has released a New kind of V30, it called LG V30S/V30S+ ThinQ and New ThinQ(Android 8.0.0 Oreo) Update are avillable on the your LG V30.)

  4. Love the easy open fingerprint, Large internal storage 128GB plus 256GB SD card, Great video options,including great wide angle lens, great battery life but selfie camera not so much

  5. The samsung Galaxy s8, s8 plus, note 8, s9 and s9 plus comes with an AKG 100$ headphones out of the box and the s9 and s9 plus comes with dolby atmos

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