Pixel 2 XL vs 8 Plus, Note 8, Mate 10 Pro camera comparison

The brand new Google Pixel 2XL is the highest rated camera according to DxO Mark – the industry standard in camera benchmarks. Rather than take the accolade at face value, we wanted to test…


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  1. the reviewers know which photo is from which camera. you'd be silly to believe these tests are honest. it's good to see the iphone do so badly though.

  2. Order of phone must have been changed then its real blind test. Its like first impression is last impression. Even thought 3rd camera is better than 4th camera in some shots, brain will perceive 4th camera better in each shot because of first impression…you should have swapped positions of phone….then the result would have been different. Between pixel 2 xl and note 8 u can differentiate much…both looks same

  3. iPhone by far had the best pictures and even in low light they had tons of detail, I chose #2 from the start, can't beat Apple detail.

  4. i using iphone 8 plus before buying pixel 2 xl. But after that I try using iphone X. When see my photo capture by iphone X, I buy back my pixel 2 xl. The photo from pixel 2 xl is the best. Finally I using android back after my last android phone is samsung note 3.

  5. Krystal you need to watch review by tech radar , their conclusion was the 8plus was the worst cam even behind than huawei mate 10 pro .

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