RIPPLE VS TRON?! – Which Will Grow Faster? – CryptoCurrency News

Ripple vs Tron, which cryptocurrency will grow faster in the near future? Crypto News!
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  1. All the great news for Ripple hasn't moved the price of the Ripple crypto upward at all so i am wondering if shares in Ripple would look like a better investment. Have to qualify as an investor though.

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  4. Can you make video about GameCredits? Its very good project, but at this moment silent. They have partnership with unity, xsolla and soon ibm will be announced.

  5. Maybe you want to say something about GameCredits (GAME)? I have heard a lot of good about this project. It develops strongly and in my opinion has potential. Cooperate with IBM, UNITY and Xsolla! it have target at a large community of players!

  6. Hey any advise on what to do with those altcoins that hav gone done alot n are considered rubbish.. is it best yo cut loss n move money in another altcoins that can make a bigger recovery ?

  7. Well ur channel is called crypto coin news. There's no channels going over all the current and future news on coins and its Def hard finding out all the news on coins. Even with coinmarketcal, the way they have everything categorized, you really have to filter thru all the crap coins and news thts too late to act on. More future announcements and news you can bring to the table, the better for ur viewers. Please thanks

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  9. In the short term, TRX for sure. Ripple buyers are imo the most illogical group ever. Tons of good news comes out for it, but it never does anything but drop. Overall price over time, who knows…

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  11. Ripple Labs makes it absolutely super as in their listing because different applications as described X-current is used for the banks ingeniously so siue the distrust of crypto currencies but the most ingenious is they have loads of partners absolutely brilliant because as XRP It is described as Payments AP and Private Transfers now thought the absolute genius of the matter because for partners they have the XRP is the most used tokens in the real world and he is not anonymous so he can not be abused for illegal activities so Ripple Labs is absolutely awesome

  12. I think that the G20 is going to have impact on everything so it is something that we will have to wait and see. This could Trump everything so much so that it might make the "D-Day" information (for TRX) to be muted. This is going to be very interesting as a hole. Zack is there any way you can find out the News on the G20 and what the Crypto world might do about the results?

  13. Know any safe applications for Android and IOS (to make iPhone users happy) that can alert you on price dropping or rising on your choice of crypto? Maybe something that you can set limits where you'd like the alert.

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