Unbox Therapy and Beebom: Rapid Fire Phone Reviews!

Guys, this is a special one. This time we have Lewis from Unbox Therapy doing a video with us. Detailed phone reviews are now a thing of the past because in this video, we are going to review…


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  1. This video clearly shows how biased Beebom is against Samsung.
    Lewis said that the software has been improved over time and that is an honest opinion and on the other hand Beebom guy said he will not like samsung software on any day. That is simply hate towards a company which is not desired in someone who REVIEWS different products.

  2. Responses made by the beebom guy was pathetic… Look at him he looks fully exhausted… He looks like a guy who doesn't get water in the desert…

  3. I mean seriously?? This guy had almost 900k subs? Why is she(i mean he) blushing like a newly wedded bride? I guess he's way too intimidated to behave normally

  4. While I can understand that it may have been a little intimidating for Akshay to do a collaboration with one of the biggest tech YouTubers on YouTube, he was straight up mumbling at one point.
    Come on man! How were you not ready for this? Look at his enthusiasm. You had an amazing concept for this video, but your energy level really killed it.
    I'm sorry man, I usually like being supportive and I really hope you do well in your other videos but please take this feedback positively.
    When you are aspiring to be a big tech YouTuber you can't give excuses anymore, if you're not up for it, you should have asked someone else to be in the video. :/

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