What’s in my Portfolio? – CryptoCurrency Portfolio – Top Crypto’s in my Opinion!

What’s in my cryptocurrency portfolio? My top crypto holds! Which cryptocurrencies do I hold?! HODL
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  2. I have 35000 Ripple to 0.14 Euro cents 3000 Stellar to 0.30 3000 Cardano to 0.29
    300 IOTA at 2.14 and 6000 Verge at 0.029 all Prices in Euro 🙂

    Why do you separate xCurrent xRapid xVia and do not make a coin out of it? This would make the crypto market unfortunate in favor of Ripple Labs and because of the rare coins of Ripple Labs unlikely to bring in a lot of money to expand even faster. And because Coin, whatever he calls it, or even in xrp flows in as holders of XRP on the Crypto Exchange give unhoused upswing and displace useless Bitcoin.

  3. its so sad that u cant do sponsored reviews ( i take it like its a normal video u just notice me that ico exist so sadly to many ,, average joe '' here on crypto who dont really whana think a litle bit more .. they just whana hear the next x1000 coin without them do any research ..) anyway maybe i am lucky this time :
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    soon this will be the the highest crypto channel on youtube

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  5. Zac that was a good video I would have never guessed some of those just shows how different we all think keep up the good work and to the moon with your live t.v. show it will be great.
    Genisis vision-0xb89044f9d419476e27ea84822d77f3b140876f35

  6. I love NEBL and this channel did a feature on 1/6; however, another channel that I watch gave NEBL as the pick on 12/29 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rXxQyOZldo) and didn't pick it up from one of his viewers but rather GAVE it to his viewers.

    I am in a lot of the same coins as Zach here, but is HODL'ing more because he bought at the ATH's because he's late to the game. Right coins/bad timing. Late (or too early) is the same thing as being wrong. I love the energy and excitement on this channel and the information given, but there is a danger of always being too optimistic. I believe that you have to take some of the early January ATH's with a grain of salt if you're using it to point to where it will return. In other words, if I'd minted a coin based on the little plastic baggies that are used to pick up my dog's poop – it would have been at it's ATH in January with no guarantee to return to ATH's. (#DogPoopCoin)

    Enjoy your shows, but to recommend Ripple and Credits in same video is reckless and just plain bad advice. However, you put Elastos on my radar so I'll let it slide (but I'm in ELA about $30 less per coin due to timing/luck) – but you have people that listen to you and follow your recommendations without doing their research so please drive with caution. At least you're not pimping TRX anymore.

  7. Nice portfolio!
    ETH: 0x3c90b1b59Deb25F24cc8191dFd63C52501F2Ee02
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  8. Outstanding video!
    Love the portfolio!
    Very similar to my top holdings.
    May we all align our portfolios,
    As sort of a Community Hedge Fund.
    Your channel is great!
    Thank you again 🙂

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  10. Where do you keep all these different cryptos for the long haul, i got trx xvg iost ncash and a few others but have spread out across risky online wallets. Like for a video of this. ( new to channel so sorry if already made ) thanks

  11. The future is not so clear for me at this moment, I just stop to buy more unknown cryptocurrencies. My portfolio is only some Bitcoins and Eth left, and some Deeponion to keep free airdrop.

  12. Hey guys I heard that education token (LEDU) has been added to CoinMarketCap now they are working towards CoinMarketCap Top 100.

  13. Hello, how are you doing? Well, thePax tokens, Dogecoin, Dentacoin, Siacoin, buzzcoin, Verge and Antshares/Neo are what I am currently investing in, and I have already started gaining little profits from some of them already, for example when I invested in Verge,i started on $500 and now i am at $3000, I also use a currency prediction mining tool that helps me as well,i will not divulge into that now.The secret i have learned in cryptocoin investment is that.1. What will raise the value of the coin? 2. Who stands behind the coin? 3. Where and how can I realize profits. I run my investments on a platform that guarantees high value of coins I mentioned. If you would like to have in on what i am experiencing now,just write me on yowelgayler@gmail.com let me guide you.

    Best wishes

  14. Interesting Portfolio. some coins you hold i have never heard of it. But in the last weeks i have not so many time for crypto… maybe better, i just hodl 😀
    anyhow i have a question – you hold $Nano: i have read often something about $Onion in comparisation with $Nano / $Raiblocks. I have invested in october in $Onion – I'm really interested in your opinion about $Onion. It would be really cool if you make a video about privacy coins where you talk about Monero and some small undervalued privacy coins.

    Thanks in advance!

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