10 Electric Crossover Cars and 7-Passenger SUVs Coming Up in 2018-2020

The demand for cars in a crossover body has been showing a steady growth over the past years, so they manufacturers started to make them in different modifications and sizes (in bigger families the 7-passenger SUVs are chosen more frequently).

This type of a vehicle could definitely be even more popular if it wasn’t for the high fuel consumption but luckily, there are some great upcoming electric vehicles in compact crossover body that you should definitely check out.

Here are the electric cars featured in this video:

– NIO ES8: www.nio.io/news/nio-unveils-production-vehicle-china-market;

– Skoda Vision E: media.skoda-auto.com/en/_layouts/Skoda.PRPortal/pressrelease.aspx?ID=1219

– Audi e-Tron Quattro: www.audi.com/en/innovation/quattro/quattro_IAA2015.html

– Audi e-Tron Sportback: www.audi.ca/ca/web/en/models/etron/etron-sportback.html

– Jaguar i-Pace: www.jaguar.com/jaguar-range/i-pace-concept-car/index.html

– Volkswagen ID Crozz: media.vw.com/release/1369/

– Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ: www.mercedes-benz.com/en/mercedes-benz/next/e-mobility/concept-eq-mobility-revisited/

– Mitsubishi eX Concept: www.mitsubishi-motors.com/en/events/motorshow/2015/tms2015/conceptcar/

– Zhiche Auto Singulato: www.singulato.com/news/

– XPeng Beta: www.xiaopeng.com


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  1. Meanwhile….crickets from GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler. Maybe facelift the Chrysler 300 again, or more HP for the Mustang. How about Cadillac putting 26” wheels on the Escalade? Embarrassing.

  2. Mostly 25 lakh to 40 lakh price tag electric car range will be sell in india..that range only affordable to buy indian consumer in market. Range should be above 200mile …

  3. Sorry to say : Luftpuberer ! VW, Audi, ecet haben NICHTS was nur in die Nähe des TESLA kommt ! So ein verblödentes Werbevideo !

  4. E-cars have ugly interior, it's like they are trying to develop a new visual aesthetics just for e-cars, it looks like some futuristic thing they had going in the early 80's. So it doesn't look new or anywhere close to contemporary at all. They should just stick with what looks conventionally nice, just because it's electric doesn't mean it has to look weird or "new" in any sense.

  5. i think that in ten years time the Chinese cars will be the premium ones……less than twenty years ago the best thing Chinese automotive industry produced was the tok tok and now they are going for fully electrics….if they keep up this exponential progress they are going to be ahead of everyone else in ten years.

  6. My favorite is the Jag. It looks great without that over obvious electronic car look. It still looks like a car or in this case a SUV. Will someone make one that can go off road? Love to see a electronic Land Rover and since Jag & LR are both under Tata, we might see one. I love Tesla but I'm not a fan of the pigeon wing doors on the X. You lose utility on the roof.

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