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  1. Always getting depressed when i see units in the total war franchise, going melee. One unit can be facing the other way or the units never really hit each other "aka wow syndrome"

  2. Nobody told him he could just march a hero unit out of the army and go o the quest missions solo or that Chaos is based on your progress in game. If you're slower with your power, alliances and landspread the later they join with lesser unit cores. Faster you do, faster and better they spawn.

  3. it's worth mentioning that this game has a VERY steep learning curve with a almost non existent tutorial. it's like the developers just assume that everyone has played previous total war games and know how to play. this game is very complex and deep, I literally had to spend countless hours watching YouTube videos and googling questions just to learn the basics of how to play and I still haven't figured everything out. it does however show the quality of the game, if it's good enough to take the time and effort to learn then you know you're playing a great game.

  4. The comment section here is hilarious. They are taking the numerical rating in the end seriously. The number at the end just kinda helps explain where you think it is, the actual video and points made is what they really think of the game.

  5. For someone who has a laptop that can only play Skyrim at lowest settings (at only 30-40 fps), what would be a good starting point for someone wanting to get into Warhammer. (Any of the games. Idc about graphics as long as it is fun and I get a ton of lore)

  6. I just started playing this game and honestly the learning curve for someone who does not know the game mechanics is really tough! I know all about Warhammer lore, but I know (now) very little about how to play this game even half effectively. I keep getting stomped in every battle I engage in (playing the Empire). I am about to give up on this game…. Any constructive thoughts?

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