OnePlus 5T hands-on review

We got our hands on the OnePlus 5T, the latest smartphone from OnePlus to hit the market. OnePlus has introduced many improvements on this device when compared to its predecessor, including…


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  1. From an iphone addict (user since 2008) to a first time android user, I am blown away with what One plus offer for half the price of Iphone. Just a fabulous phone with incredible power and features. So happy about with One Plus.

  2. Why don't reviewers review the most important function of a mobile: The capability to provide a clear call(Both ways). Though I'm looking for a good phone with all new geeky features but would never like to compromise of the quality of the call. How does One+5T fare in that department.

  3. This or Mate 10 non Pro???? And how this OLED display compares with the OLED from Mate 10 Pro? Is it the same from Samsung?

  4. I was in the market for a new phone around this past summer as my current phone (oneplus one) was beginning to randomly overheat and turn off. Since Cyanogen mod did stop updating the os, this has happened more often than id have liked. Yeah, I could switch to lineage or oxygen os but still wanted a new phone with improved internals. I think this is the one, especially since I was underwhelmed by the original oneplus 5.

  5. No 2k, no sd card, no waterproofing, no extra utility from the second camera aside from 'improved low light' which one sensor does fine with. The LG G6 does all of the above for about £50 less. No thanks OP.

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